Nielsen Paralegal FAQs

Q: Why would I choose a paralegal to represent me?

A: In many instances, paralegals are even more specialized than lawyers.  Even though lawyers might have a broader base of general knowledge when it comes to legal matters, a lawyer may not spend as much time on specific cases as a paralegal would.  As a result, most paralegals have plenty of expertise and experience representing clients in small claims court or before a tribunal. Therefore, they have a good understanding of how the justice system works because they appear in court very often.  Paralegals are also more effective than self-representation but less expensive than lawyers.


Q: What are your areas of practice?

A: Our firm specializes in two specific areas, one being the Small Claims Court and the second being the Landlord and Tenant Board.  We can assist you through the process from start to finish. 


Q: Do Paralegals go to law school?

A: Paralegals require specialized education from accredited colleges. Paralegals also write a licensing exam after completing an internship.  Paralegals and lawyers are educated advocates who represent clients in legal matters and both must maintain membership with the Law Society of Upper Canada and carry errors and omissions insurance.


Q: How much does a paralegal cost?  

A: We offer fee schedules so that you will have a better idea up front as to what your legal fees will be.  Please note, there are separate fee schedules for both Small Claims Court and Landlord and Tenant Board.  


Q: What is the maximum amount that I can sue for in the Small Claims Court?

A: The Monetary jurisdiction in Small Claims Courts in Ontario is $25,000.00, however if you have a Claim for more than $25,000.00 but prefer to sue in the Small Claims Court to get faster results and to avoid incurring higher legal fees, you are allowed to reduce the amount of your Claim to $25,000.00 to stay within the Small Claims Court jurisdiction. You should also note the maximum amount of $25,000.00 only includes the principle portion of your Claim and you are allowed to ask for your legal costs and interest in addition to the principal amount of your Claim.


Q: Why choose Nielsen Paralegal?

A: With our focus on doing what’s right for our client, we will talk and guide through every step of the way whether it be a Small Claims matter or a Landlord and Tenant board matter.  We will always keep you updated with progress milestones.  We are committed to providing each and every client with excellent and professional service.